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Making it easy to practice mindfulness meditation in London and Cambridge.

Learning to be with the breath. Learning to be with the body. Learning to rest fully in the present moment. Mindfulness meditation transforms lives in so many ways.

For many of us, it’s not something we were taught when we were young and going against our habits can be hard at first.

Through classes and workshops as well as working with schools and workplaces Fully Here provides the support we need to live more mindful, more satisfying and fuller lives.

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Why join a weekly class?

8 week courses? Retreats? Great ways to learn mindfulness, but what happens when they finish? A weekly class can give a stable, supportive environment to allow mindfulness to grow in your life.

Use a Mindfulness app? They can be fantastic, but meditating with other, actual, real-life people adds a real boost and different depth your meditation.

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Meet, Karim, the class teacher

I walk the walk when it comes to mindfulness. It has been an integral part of my life for many years. I’ve been lucky enough to spend time learning and practicing meditation in Dharamsala, India and Plum Village, France.  My mission is to make mindfulness accessible and enjoyable for everyone. To find ways that any person can bring mindfulness into their lives.

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What people say

“Great instructor, I always come away with a better sense of who I am and a much more relaxed person.” Ian

“I’ve been going every week for a term now & have really enjoyed it! I didn’t have much experience before I joined but in just 3 months I’ve learned a lot. Learning new techniques have really helped me relax outside of the class when doing day to day tasks. I also really like how Karim mixes up every class so it doesn’t get boring & introduces new practices such as mindful eating. I was a bit anxious about meditating in a group but it’s actually been great as we’re able to discuss and learn from each other.” James 

“I have been practicing meditation for some years now but have only recently joined this group. Practicing with a group really helps me to deepen my practice and motivates me to cultivate mindful awareness in my daily life. I am very much aware of the benefits of mindfulness but it is all too easy for me to slip back into old, unhelpful attitudes and behaviors! This is a supportive, friendly group and I really appreciate Karim’s gentle, warm manner. I feel very fortunate to have such an experienced teacher.” Cath 

“I have been very lucky to find the group led by Karim that meets every Tuesday evening at the Signal Box centre in Cambridge. I started practicing mindfulness meditation using the book ‘Mindfulness – a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world’ by Mark Williams and Danny Penman, which provided a great introduction but I needed to learn more from experienced practitioners. Subsequently, I went on an 8-week course which was excellent but left me wanting to continue my mindfulness practice in a group setting with some guided meditation and interaction with others. I have now attended half a dozen practice sessions with Karim who is a brilliant teacher; this comes from his wide knowledge and experience of living and practicing mindfulness and his open, inclusive and gentle approach to the sessions. In addition to lots of meditation, he includes exploration of different aspects of the practice which change from week to week and I am learning a lot about this wonderful part of life.” Roger